About Us

Established in 1970, Haji Mahmood Jan Wedding Services is not new in the Wedding Industry amongst the malay community in Singapore.


Like the name suggest, HMJ Wedding Services was founded by Haji Mahmood Bin Jan. He started off having a Mee Rebus Stall back in the days and decided to expand his business and enter the Wedding Industry. With his burning passion in cooking and strong determination, HMJ Wedding Services was created. 

After his passing in 2001, his business was taken over by his son, Hj Mohd Razali Bin Hj Mahmood. With the knowledge that was brought down to him, Hj Razali continued to grow the business further without changing the family recipe in his cooking.

Focusing on upholding trust given by our customers, we always ensure to deliver the promised service. HMJ Wedding Services do not believe in advertising, we strongly believe that reviews and reccomendations to the public from our customers who have experienced our service are way more reliable and promising.